The Other Thing I Wasn’t Going To Tell You

The other thing I wasn’t going to tell you on Tuesday is that when I accidentally saw the Twenty Four Million dollar house for sale on, I naturally thought “Who the hell lives in a Twenty Four Million dollar house around here?” so I did what I always do which is to go to the Hennepin County Property Taxes website and look it up. (I know this isn’t a good thing to do, and I’m trying to practice loving kindness and be less judgy about things like money and wealth and materialism since I am doing meditation now, and practicing non-judgment is one of the main things about it.  Which is why I didn’t tell you in the first place.)


But then, this morning’s headline was “Viking fans to pay hefty seat fees at new stadium” so I took that as a sign that maybe I should have told you that the (albeit former) owner of a professional sports team like the Vikings is exactly the kind of person who might own a Twenty Four Million Dollar home in Orono, and maybe all of the professional sports team owners have gazillion dollar homes, and yet they still always go around acting like they shouldn’t have to pay for the new stadiums because they are too broke, which is not exactly honest.

I’m not sure where I’m going with all this, but the story ended with even a Republican saying “I think that should make Minnesotans very angry.  It makes me very angry,” and then told how one guy even threw his shoes on the table and said “This is fricking ridiculous, man.”  So I guess it’s not just me and maybe it’s okay to get a little pissed off instead of try to just meditate all the time.


I wonder if he really said “fucking ridiculous” but they couldn’t print that.  I totally would have wanted to say fucking.  And throw my shoes.


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