Everything is Relative

Update/Clarification: I am not really getting a horse.  But just knowing that there is a horse therapy class out there, that Equine Therapy for mental health and well-being is a real live thing that exists makes me feel more hopeful about my situation.  Sometimes when you have tried a lot of different things to feel like your old self again, and they don’t seem to be working, or maybe they work for only a little while, and then stop working, and you have to start all over again, it’s good to know there are possibilities you have never even thought of.  Okay, so maybe you have had a rough year or two, and you haven’t found the exact right medication, but hey, you’ve still got that therapy horse in your back pocket!

There are many roads to happiness.

There are many roads to happiness.

But back to today’s theme, which is everything is relative.  The kids do really want a dog.  At least one of them does.  (No longer the kindergartner and second grader!  What to call them now?  Elder and Younger?  Hmmm. . .Younger, with his six-year-old need to feel superior to everyone in all matters of grave importance, namely height, weight, age, grade, how-high-can-you-count and Excellence in Underarm-fart Sound Effects, would not be pleased.  I’ll need to give it some more thought.)

Elder wants a dog, or a cat, and I want a dog and don’t want a cat, and after contemplating getting a horse yesterday, now all of a sudden getting a dog, even a Great Dane, seems like no big deal.  This is a bad sign when I find myself mentally rehearsing my defense.  Calm down!  It’s not like I brought home a horse or something!   It’s more like I brought home a goldfish, relatively speaking

Horse : Great Dane = Great Dane : goldfish.

On a related/unrelated note, I went to EdinaRealty.com this morning, as I am known to do when I should really be cleaning the house I already own, to sort of psych myself up to start picking up (I don’t recommend this strategy) and somehow the price and zip code search filters defaulted to no filter and so the first thing that pops up is a house for Twenty Four Million Dollars.  So naturally a few minutes later it didn’t seem unreasonable at all that I was looking at a house for sale on Lake Harriet Parkway for “only” 1.5 million dollars thinking We just might be able to swing that. . .  Ha.

Takeaway for today (which I realize may not be exactly jumping out at you, because I have invited myself to post stuff that feels less than stellar/not very good at all rather than polish to perfection until I regain my full faculties because frankly depression causes considerable cognitive distortion such that I can’t tell the difference anyway) is that you will be no more or no less happy whether you are living in your current house with no pet, or in a mansion with a large fun animal, or any combination thereof.  Also you should be glad you have any house at all, because many people do not, even if they sometimes do still have a dog, like that one guy with the sign at the 35W onramp. ( I’m sorry.  That was inappropriate.  But my need to be funny sometimes overpowers my appropriateness.  It’s the depression talking.)   Just a reminder.  But doesn’t just reading “large fun animal” kind of lift your spirits?)


This photo kind of ruins the whole mathematical analogy thing.


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