I’m getting a horse!

I know!  You can hardly believe it either, right?

But there I was this morning, just like an hour ago, when it all happened.  I jumped online for a quick sec to check a class offering through the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing, and it was like a horse just fell into my lap.  (I know!!)

The course offering I was supposed to be signing up for was CSPH 5541, Emotional Healing and Happiness: Eastern and Western Approaches to Transforming the Mind.  Which sounded pretty awesome and life transforming and was in fact going to change my life, but then, I saw–crap!– that class goes until 4:30 pm and I have to pick up the kids by 3:20 pm, and it was going to be so perfect and now it won’t work and I’m never going to find anything else and I’m never going to get better, and then–wait!!–thanks to a hugely serendipitous moment, this popped up, front and center under “Featured Courses”:

CSPH 5000-004: Horse as Teacher

Mostly online, 3 credits

By including horses in our daily practice of cultivating balance, we are provided with a unique role model – another conscious being who demonstrates with wisdom and peace how to be in the present, how to let go of attachment and accept life as it is. This course includes an intensive, in-person weekend workshop Nov. 15-17 at the University of Minnesota Nutrena Conference Center. Read More

It’s almost like we’re getting a dog, but a hassle-free dog, who is also really wise and at peace with himself, that we can also ride.   AND, because it is a horse, we will have lots of help taking care of it, which is a definite must, given the current state of my mental health.  I have always loved Great Danes.  This is going to be like getting the Dali Lama and a Great Dane all rolled into one.  But without the poop-sacks! ( Yay!)  Like a Great Dane that comes with his own butler and maid.  I feel like Richie Rich.

I might call him Dali.

This is someone else’s therapy horse, but mine will look similar.  I might call him Dali.

P.S. I have to just double check to make sure my mental and behavioral health benefits covers the purchase of the horse as teacher, boarding costs, stable fees and all that, but once I have clearance, I’ll post some pics of my new pony.

P.P.S. The kids are going to be so thrilled!!!  This so beats getting a hamster.

P.P.P.S.  If for some reason the Therapy Horse isn’t covered under BlueCross BlueShield, I’m going to try for CSPH 5341, Overview of indigenous Hawaiian Healing, which takes place on the Big Island.  In January.  Four seats still open.

healing in hawaii

CSPH 5341 Overview of Indigenous Hawaiian Healing

Click to register for this class 31844 -001 LEC , Tu,W,Th (01/06/2014 – 01/08/2014) , OFFCAMPUS , Kreitzer,MaryJo , instruction mode: Classroom/Onsite , 2 credits , This course takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Call 612-624-5166 for course fee information.
Seats Open  4 of 10 seats open

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