How was your Spring Break? (multiple-choice quiz)

How was your Spring Break?

I actually really want to know.  Not just making small talk here.

Would you say it was like this:

Family sandcastle beach

In case you are wondering, this is Palmetto Dunes, an “Oceanfront Resort” on Hilton Head Island. They tried to convince me to spend my spring break there, on their “Fun in the Sun” blog, but I foolishly didn’t listen.  I thought that since spring break for Minneapolis Public Schools fell in April this year, it would “already be pretty nice” by then.


Or more like this:

This is actually our current forecast.  But last week's weather pretty much bit, too.

This is actually our current forecast. But last week’s weather pretty much bit, too.


And/or like this:

See more examples here:

It’s great to have a relaxing week at home with the kiddos.  See more examples here:


If you are a parent at my kids’ school, I might have already asked you this question in person.  But I probably wasn’t listening, because I was still recovering from being home with my children for ten straight crappy rainy/coldish days.  Sorry.  This time I’ll try to pay better attention.

You know what?  You don’t really need to show me your photos or anything.  Let’s just keep this simple, and make it multiple-choice.  I’ll do the hard part for you, which is translating the answers.

How Was Your Spring Break?¹ (choose one)

A.  It was awesome!

B.  It was pretty fun!

C.  It was good.

D.  It was fine.

E.  We survived.

¹(Note: this version includes only the Socially Acceptable answers. Email me if you want to take the confidential version with the Honest Truth answers.  May contain strong language).



A = We went somewhere tropical.  And the kids did awesome!  Or possibly we went without the kids.  (And/or kids drove us nuts on 3 or fewer days)

B = Same as (A) above, except we had a non-tropical excursion.  Or, the kids spent some time with the grandparents.

C = We stayed here in Minneapolis where it was 40 degrees and drizzly.  We did a few fun things with the kids. But at least nobody got sick or anything.

D =  Same as (C) above, except fewer fun things.  Or possibly someone got sick.  Or else was just crabby a lot of the time.

E = It completely sucked.  But it served as an excellent reminder to get going on signing up the kids for a whole bunch of summer camps so we don’t have eleven hellish weeks of unstructured time off .  Yay!  (Helpful Reminder:  First day of Summer “Break” is June 5.  8 weeks from today . . .)



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