Welcome to Our Secret Club (Keep Out)

Came across evidence of some secret club goings-on.  Apparently they meet under my desk on Saturdays and Sundays.

DSCN4251 007

The roster above includes both boys and girls, but this sign posted at the entrance appears to be deliberately confusing:


Is the kindergartner’s name included here merely for emphasis (i.e. this means you) or as the one exception to the membership rule?

The smiley face symbol also sends a mixed message.  (Is this a trap, Batman?)


You almost missed these on the edge of the desk in the first photo, didn’t you?


Lots of money and gold coins in this cabinet, with an alluring note on top. Hmmm…

Upon closer examination of the Club Rules, it would appear that membership concerns are  a moot point.  The club may in fact have been created with the sole purpose of instituting rules the kindergartner is incapable of following:



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Secret Club (Keep Out)

  1. I have heard of this club and believe there is a secret chapter meeting at our house every weekend. Only the sign says “Girls only. Dads only.”

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