Your turn!

Today, I am giving you some homework so that I can take a day off to write some future posts.  Or maybe just go watch Bewitched.

I just realized this probably explains my love of tiny cartoon houses and cityscapes

I just realized this probably explains my love of tiny cartoon houses and cityscapes

It’s going to feel a lot like study hall or those classes where the teacher would just sit there at their desk reading their own comic book or whatever they were doing, while you were expected to toil away with no guidance whatsoever for 50 whole minutes.  (Who were those teachers?  Burned out should-have-already-retired ones?  Or maybe they didn’t get a prep hour and were just trying to stay afloat.  I shouldn’t be so judgey.  Maybe they were even being nice and trying to prepare us for the real world.  I don’t think it really helped in my case, though, because–never mind.  Staying on task today.)  Aaaanyways . . . I know making you do all the work while I watch TV isn’t fair, but it’s for a really good cause which is this:  Help me not feel like such a monopolizer.  (For more on that subject, I have updated my “About” page, so it’s almost like I did do a post today.  And monopolized again.  Shoot.)

So here is your homework for today. Share a little good thing in the comments. It can be anything mildly informative or amusing or random. Here are some examples: “I love Downton Abbey.” “I went on the Weezer Cruise.” “My dog’s feet smell like fritos.” Or you could tell about the difference between one million and one billion and one trillion using the last week/Nixon era/Building the Pyramids time in seconds analogy.  Or point out a typo!  ( ‘Cause I’m feeling tired, and a little lazy.)  Just any old thing.  If everyone does the homework we will all get enough points to have a shindig. Everyone is counting on you, so don’t let them down, okay? (Sorry to the second grader’s teacher for totally stealing this awesome be-good-and-you-can-have-a-shindig method that you employ, but it totally works for 8 year olds so maybe it will work for the people who read my blog!?! There are several now, I think!)

I have to run, because I think it’s the one where Samantha turns Tabitha’s bunny into a person who is played by Elke Summer or some other 60s actress with VERY white hair, and all kinds of zaniness ensues including this very important line:  “You shoot rabbits?    That’s mean.  Rabbits are nice.  Nicer than people.”  Maybe some of you who would like extra credit on the homework could opt instead to fact-check if I have that right, and maybe share the episode link with us.  Or you could talk about your garden, and why rabbits really are pests.  Just any old thingy that pops into your head, stream of consciousness-like. You might surprise yourself!  (Or entertain me!   And you know it clearly doesn’t take much. . .)

For sure not Elke Summer, right, but who is this actress?

For sure not Elke Summer, right, but who is this actress?

Also, big thanks to my husband for turning me back on to Bewitched last night.  Awesome!


9 thoughts on “Your turn!

  1. I don’t know which magical wish granter I most wished I could be, Tabitha or I dream of Genie? Of course I had to google the bunny who turns out to be Carol Wayne. Apparently drunk uncle Arthur wanted to produce a “cottontail” bunny and mistakenly produces a “cocktail” bunny. Bewitched, full of mad cap, mad men-esque hijinx. Who knew?

  2. You totally rock CC! Who knew it was so mad cap, indeed? Thank you for taking the time to Google, and you win two prizes for being first commenter and extra credit for the googling. (The prize was going to be I would drive a cupcake over to your house to say thank you, but now I’m thinking it had better be sushi or something savory instead.) The whole way home from guitar lesson tonight the kindergartener was talking about the Bunny called Tuh Bath Uh (kind of like how you’d say Tahula, with the accent on the Bath syllable) and it took me a long time to figure out what the heck he was trying to say. I love Tabatha, but would still pick BeJeannie (he is also mixing up his shows! But totally wants to know “How does BeJeannie get her hair so fancy and all that stuff?”). This is fun. I feel like we’re at a coffee shop having intelligent conversation just waiting for our other friends (ahem) to join us.

  3. I think you could do an entire blog about childrens’ malapropisms. Or better yet, we could do a whole stream of replies/comments with everyone’s personal favorite. OK, I’ll start: when my son was younger, and we told him we were taking him shopping, he’d ask “Are we going to Guitarget?” I wish there was such a place. It would be great competition for the Guitar Center right next door.

  4. Once Serina her evil cousin was introduced to the show…I knew I liked girls. And the neighbor next door to us looks like Larry Tate. A crazy world but I loved the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery.

  5. Which is exactly why you married a brunette, right? The blondes are beauties, but the dark haired sisters/cousins are always the naughty ones. 7pm weeknights on MeTV channel 5.3. We watch it every night. I’ll call you if it’s one with Serina. . .

  6. So I want to merge your advice from the Oscars post (about it is ok to not know anything about a certain topic) with this one, as I had a very very very firm rule growing up of 30 minutes of screen time, which lasted until I went to college, thus, I would save up all my minutes over each week, and bank them in order to get an entire episode of The Love Boat on a Friday night. Must have been my only romantic outlet… The upshot being that I am woefully inept when it comes to reminiscing about old TV. Must let that go….

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