Valentine Making Redemption

So, remember that time when I made a really big deal about the fact that I spent waaaay too long making a Valentine and then changed my mind about giving it to the person I was making it for?   Well yes, of course you do, because that was only yesterday.  But if for any reason you missed that sub-plot (because it was subtle, and you may have read the post as more of a craft tutorial, which it totally was), let me just give you this brief synopsis:

A well-intentioned mother of two sits down to facilitate the annual holiday card-making assembly line, and instead gets caught up in creating a bizarre fantasy world of her own.

It makes you want to go back and read the story again, doesn’t it?  I think I got so good at writing those synopses because growing up we always had a subscription to TV Guide and my dad would read the descriptions out loud each night after dinner before “picking the channel.”  (Channel 5 usually won because of ABC Movie of the Week.  Bonus points if it had Jaclyn Smith.)  The trick to writing a good synopsis is to keep it to one sentence, leave out the boring detail (you don’t need “in her pajamas until 4:30 pm” and “it took five hours” and stuff like that) and try to make it sound a little mysterious.

Where were we?  Okay, the changed-my-mind-about-giving-the-Valentine part.  Well, guess what?  I hope this doesn’t ruin yesterday’s story for you, but I changed my mind back again!  Which means that I did give it to the intended recipient!  And it went really well!  The end.

Just kidding.  That would be an example of a bad story.  You only want to leave out the details if it’s a synopsis.  So tomorrow I will tell you the real story.  I would tell it right now, but I still have to finish up the kids’ Valentines, which was another sub-plot of yesterday’s story, or maybe the main plot.  I’m not sure.   I’m sorry it’s not going to be as funny as yesterday’s.  It is going to be more of a “feel-good” story.  So try not to write “the first story was better” in the comments because I already know that.  (Same with today’s post which I could have technically skipped altogether, but I just wanted to make sure you knew there is more to come.   Because yesterday I did get an email from a very nice person asking, “Do you write a blog (or whatever it’s called) periodically, or is this just a one-time thing?”  And I don’t think he meant it like hopefully this is just a one-time thing.  But you never know.)

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!



3 thoughts on “Valentine Making Redemption

  1. gotta love a cliff-hanger! can’t wait for the homemade gift-giving drama to unfold. you rock doood!

    (only 19 more days of blogging in a row and it will be habit!)

    • I am SO amazed and happy that you could read “you rock doooood.” I didn’t even know what the kindergartener was trying to spell until he told me. And as to the 19 days comment, apparently we ADD types have read all the same self-help books (and failed to implement any of the strategies).

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