Valentine Making with the ADD Mom

The plan was to get the kids’ class valentines done this morning.¹ They each brought home a list of names.  The second grader has about 30 kids in her class, the kindergartener about 20.  A little daunting, since the second grader wants to make them herself.   But do-able.

The second-grader starts by making one for the kindergartener.  Awww, how sweet.  Technically not on the to-do list, but hey, that’s okay.

My daughter made this cute valentine for her brother in about 15 minutes.

Pipe-cleaner Valentine Guy holding a tiny envelope and even tinier card inside.

Isn’t it fun looking?  So fun that I decide I must immediately make one too.

I decide to use the  kindergartener’s “friendship exchange” sized photo for the head, and cut out a heart-shaped body.


When the kindergartener saw it he asked if I could make a little guitar for it/him, too, so I did.    Here is how it turned out:

Pipe-cleaner Valentine Guy with Guitar

Pipe-cleaner Valentine Guy with Guitar.  Rock on!

Kind of hilarious.  Then I thought hey, wouldn’t it be funny to give this Valentine to his guitar teacher?  (Also totally not on the list, but oh well.)

Here is where things went downhill.

Because his instructor teaches the Suzuki Guitar Method, I decided  to make a stool and foot stool, so the pipe-cleaner Valentine Guy/kindergartener could demonstrate the proper Suzuki method posture.  I thought the Suzuki instructor would appreciate my attention to detail.   (Here is where  a person with ADD might benefit from checking in with another grown-up.    To help stay on-task.  And to make sure you are still operating within the realm of  “reasonable” amount of time spent on Valentine making.)  Aaaanyway, here are the results:

The establishment of an attentive but relaxed body position is extremely important.  The student should sit with the left foot elevated and the right foot placed securely on the floor.

Pipe-cleaner Valentine Guy demonstrating Basic Suzuki Technique: “The establishment of an attentive but relaxed body position is extremely important. The student should sit with the left foot elevated and the right foot placed securely on the floor.  Blah blah blah.”  (I tell you all of this only to ask, Does his facial expression say “attentive but relaxed?”  Or is it more of the attentive but strained look so frequently captured by Lifetouch© Portrait Studios?)

I don’t know how it ended up taking 5 hours to make the stool and foot stool and everything, but it did.   The kids lost interest hours ago.  They have been out playing in the snow, going sledding (twice) and enjoying this warmish snowy Sunday.  It’s 2pm and I’m still in my pajamas at the dining room table making this one Valentine.

Update: 6pm.  Finally dressed, but now after having a little distance from “the project,” I realize that the guitar teacher probably doesn’t want a 3D Valentine Display of my kid.  I mean, maybe if it was of his kid it would be kind of funny, but mostly that would be a little creepy, because why am I giving him a picture of his own kid and where did I even get that picture?  So now I’m thinking I need to just scrap the whole idea and give the guitar teacher just a regular flat valentine.  Or probably no valentine, because now what suddenly seems really inappropriate is that I spent five hours on a valentine for someone I barely know.

So, to re-cap, we completed a grand total of two valentines today.  In five hours.  (Okay, my husband just read this and suggested that I clarify that the second-grader finished hers in about ten minutes.  Mine took five hours.  “Own it,” were his exact words.  Whatever.)  So two valentines.  Neither of which are for any of the 50 kids on the class lists.   And one of which now has no intended recipient.  Awesome.  Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo


Happy Valentine’s Day!! xoxo

¹I’m finally posting this today, which is Tuesday, but this all happened on Sunday.  Two days ago.  You don’t even want to know how many hours I spent editing this post.  (More than five.)


11 thoughts on “Valentine Making with the ADD Mom

  1. “Friendship exchange”! Brilliant. Our kids’ school might abandon V-day because of the religious connection to a Saint, and the fact that it’s actually an official “Feast” day in the Anglican Communion. (Thanks, Wikipedialite!) Anyhoo, awesome form and structure — and fab expression on H’s face. FOUR STARS.

  2. I am in love with this blog, or as I now refer to it, “The front page of the internet” (apologies to reddit). Apparently I fall squarely into the ADD spectrum, because this is the story of my life, so thanks for helping me identify a scapegoat for all my ills.
    As I was fond of saying as a child, regarding anything super-fun, “Do It More Times!!!!”

    • “As I was fond of saying as a child, regarding anything super-fun, “Do It More Times!!!!”” HAHAHA. Leif, Oh my gosh this is the best description of ADD I have ever read. Now it’s my turn to thank you for helping me identify the root cause of my distraction.

  3. Laughing until tears are streaming down my face. I just absolutely love it. You are my hero. I still contend that this is not ADD but rather creative GENIUS. Who else would make a 1 to 12 scale model of this, to the level of perfection that you did. There are art exhibits that have done no better (see the Thorne Rooms in Chicago Art Institute!)

    • Okay, That’s really funny that you mention the 1 to 12 scale model, because I seriously barely stopped myself from measuring the height of the Valentine Guy and measuring the real guitar before I cut out the paper guitar, because I was trying to get the scale right. But I reined myself in and just “went with it.”

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